3 Steps to Beautiful Ceramic Counters

One day you notice your ceramic countertops aren’t looking so great anymore. Everyday wear and tear takes a toll. Plus, ceramic has specific cleaning guidelines to keep it looking tip-top. Don’t despair if your ceramic counters are less than perfect. There are steps you can take to restore them to all their glory and maintain them.


It is best to start with a clean slate. Look for ceramic restoration Mount Vernon NY or your hometown to bring your counters back to life. A professional company can do a deep clean to lift out stains, buff out scratches, and fill in chips. You will be left with a beautiful, even surface to start your maintenance routine.


After your counters are restored, be sure to clean them properly. You should wipe them with tile cleaner each time you use them. You can purchase a cleaner specifically made for ceramic counters. Another option is to make a homemade cleaner by combining dish soap, baking soda, vinegar, and water. Ideally, your cleaner should be PH-neutral. Regular wiping prevents stains from setting in and eliminates bacteria. Be sure to include grout in your cleaning process.


Drying your counters is just as important as cleaning them. Water can leave spots and rings on your ceramic countertops. Hard water deposits are particularly harmful. Moisture also negatively affects grout. Prolonged exposure to water fades dark grout and alters the color of light grout. Sitting water contributes to the growth of mildew and eventually mold. An added benefit of drying your counters is that it brings back a nice, polished shine.

Stained and damaged countertops don’t always need to be replaced. You have invested money into them and may be able to love them for years to come. Professional restoration followed by a good maintenance routine can make all the difference.

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