3 Types of Common Industrial Lubricant Regimes Needed in the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry impacts the lives of people everywhere in the world. Everyone counts on manufacturers to assemble and create the products they desperately need. Without them, economies would definitely shut down, and people could even experience health problems if there is no supply of valuable equipment or medication in industries such as healthcare.

However, within the manufacturing industry itself, certain items are required to provide these products. One of these is an industrial lubricant regime, which is needed for machinery to function properly as it works together. There are three common types of lubricant regimes that are used in the manufacturing industry.

  1. Mixed

Mixed lubrication allows solid surfaces of the machines used in creating products to touch and rub together. This small amount of active fluid that lubricates the surfaces works for a period of time, and then the surfaces will gradually begin to touch and create micro-elastohydrodynamic lubrication. Lubricants such as these can be found in industrial lubricant Richmond VA companies.

  1. Hydrodynamic

A hydrodynamic lubricant regime happens when there is enough lubrication to support the entire load. With this type of lubrication, there is no interaction whatsoever with the surfaces of the machines. Enough pressure is happening to create a hydrodynamic lift.

  1. Boundary

A boundary lubricant regime takes place when there is not enough fluid to support the given load. The machine’s load continues to work, but certain additives are put in to reduce the amount of damage or negative effects of the surfaces rubbing together. Monitoring a boundary lubrication regime to ensure there is no damage also helps reduce the expenses of the manufacturing company.

It is amazing to think about the tiny elements that go into creating the products the world loves. Without the proper lubrication regimes in a manufacturing company, the machines would not be able to operate. Lubrication is a much-needed element when it comes to creating products.

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