Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance of your air conditioner makes it last longer and helps in the effective use of energy. It ensures that your unit is reliable and meets all your heating and cooling needs without failure. You can do some research online to get more information on how to maintain your air conditioner. An example of a website to get information is Denver Heating.

Some maintenance services can be done by the homeowners, while professionals best carry others out. It is vital to observe the precautionary safety measures when doing air conditioning services on your own. Make sure to turn off the power at the main switch before performing any task.

The following tips will help you prevent problems with your AC unit.

Cleaning and replacement of air filters

If your system has reusable filters, it is important to clean them at least once every month during the peak seasons such as winter and summer. The filters that cannot be recycled should be replaced monthly. Filters that have accumulated dust particles and other allergens experience decreased airflow. It makes the system work harder than it is supposed to and affects the air quality at home.

It is commendable to install quality air filters that capture small particles. If you live in an area with consistent air challenges such as dust or have family members who develop asthma allergies, it is vital to consider upgrading your filter system. Filter cleaning and replacement are easy maintenance practices that homeowners can do.

Checking the condenser fan

You need to check the condenser unit fan regularly to ensure that the blades are in good shape. Ensure that the power is off before checking the condition of the fan. If there are any cracks in the blades, they should be replaced.

Ensure that the blades fit the condenser unit well. It is necessary to know the model number of your condenser when purchasing the blades. If your system is older, there is a need to oil the fan bearings regularly to enhance mobility.

Examining the thermostat

It will help to check the thermostat in your AC to ensure that they are working effectively to maintain the right temperature for your home. If your thermostat is mechanical, you should consider upgrading to a more effective and programmable smart model.

smart thermostat allows the user to set the temperatures higher when there are no occupants in the house and cool down before people get home. It ensures that you have a comfortable home and save on energy bills. The smart thermostats monitor and generate reports on energy usage.

 Hiring a professional

A regular check-up by an AC professional is commendable at least twice per annum. If the AC needs other maintenance services, it is commendable to hire a professional technician to diagnose and fix the problems in your unit. The professional will check for any leakages, fix them, inspect the electric terminals, and check connections to ensure that the heating and cooling system is working properly.

Proper repair and maintenance practices will ensure that your system lasts longer and is functional. It is vital to consider upgrading your system to a model that meets your comfort needs and saves your expenditure on utility bills.

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