How a Hot Tub Filter Works and Everything You Should Know About It

There are so many ways to keep the performance and lifespan of a hot tub. One of them is by installing a glacier filter. Finding this product is also easy right now. You can visit an online store, such as Canada Hot Tub Parts to get a variety of filters, including glacier filters by the Canadian Spa Company. Before that, you should know how a glacier filter works to ensure the importance of using it.

The Way a Glacier Filter Works

A filter works to trap unwanted particles in hot tub water. It keeps the water clean and hygienic. A high-quality hot tub filter can trap a variety of particles, including body oils, lotions, dirt, and other debris. Thanks to the plastic core that can filter the debris in the water. Other filters are made of polyester or other materials.

All you have to do is install the glacier filter on the hot tub. Then, increase the surface area of the filter. The more filter surface area, the cleaner the water will be. Check the filter to see the particles after the filtering process. Uninstall it and clean out the debris before installing it back again.

The Benefits of Installing a Glacier Filter

The benefit of installing a glacier filter is more than just enjoying clearer water in the hot tub. Clean water can also improve the performance of hot tub jet output and power. The water and heat circulation in the hot tub flow better because there is no debris clogged. The lesser the debris on the hot tub, the easier the hot tub to clean and maintain. Surprisingly, this product can also limit the use of electricity while using a hot tub. Best of all, it keeps the performance of your hot tub and longer lifespan.

The Way to Clean and Replace a Glacier Filter

Imagine that you are using a hot tub glacier filter by the Canadian Spa Company now. So, how to clean a hot tub filter to keep its performance? Rinse the filter with a garden hose and use an instant filter cleaner spray to get rid of oils. You can do it every month every time draining your hot tub. This cleaning trick is effective enough to remove stubborn particles.

Hot tub users often also ask when they have to replace the filter. The right time to replace a hot tub filter depends on the usage, visible wear, and condition of the filter. Polyester and plastic filters work well up to 2 to 3 years before replacing them with a new one. A ceramic fiber filter is more durable. You can use this filter for 4 to 6 years.

Inspect the filter regularly to check the condition and the debris on it. Check the signs of wear, tear, and crack on the filter. It is the right time to replace the hot tub filter with a new one if seeing those signs. Canadian Spa Company produces high-quality glacier filters that all types of hot tubs.

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