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Furniture can’t be separated from a house. The way you choose the furniture determines the ambiance of your house. Those who want to create a plain, natural, and humble atmosphere at home can put in Amish furniture. You can get it through amishschoolhouse.com. So, what is Amish furniture? Check the details below.

The History of Amish Furniture

This furniture was used in the 1920s. At that time, this interior style was so popular because it looks humble, plain, and natural. It seems that a house feels warm and cozy enough with this furniture. Interestingly, Amish furniture shops produced their products without electrical power.

The communities create it by hand. They even didn’t use nails in the making process and used a variety of joinery techniques to join wood together. It is also an environmentally-friendly product because the builders only use non-toxic glue.

Types of Wood to Produce Amish Furniture

When you check amishschoolhouse.com, Amish builders use a variety of wood to create furniture. Different types of wood produce different colors and grains. They often choose to use oak, cherry, and maple to create furniture.

It is not only attractive but also durable. Alternatively, Amish builders also use beech, elm, mahogany, walnut, pine, and cedar. So, which one of them is the best? It depends on personal preference since each wood gives unique results.

Amish Furniture Styles 

Those who love to see something plain and elegant can use Amish furniture with a Shaker style. The furniture is so simple and uses basic designs. On the other hand, the Mission Amish furniture style focuses on exposing the joinery, along with straight lines.

Try Queen Anne Amish furniture style if you love something traditional. This style also uses moldings for the ornament of the furniture. The strong characteristic that differentiates between Queen Anne, Shaker, and Mission styles is the carved ornamentation. You will only see it on the Queen Anne Amish furniture.

Mix and Match Amish Furniture 

Due to the simple designs, Amish furniture is easy to mix and match with all types of home designs. It makes your rooms feel warm, cozy, and natural. Best of all, this furniture is suitable for indoors and outdoors.

It depends on the type of wood and style you want to use. Indeed, this furniture will give a different touch to your house whether you want to place the furniture in the living room, bedroom, dining room, or other rooms. Check the complete details at amishschoolhouse.com.

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