When designing your interiors, many elements come into play to create a pattern, color and add texture to any space. A well-designed space integrates these characteristics to create a well-layered scheme and a cohesive look. You can treat your walls with paint or wallpaper, but wallpaper is the only way to achieve all the powerful interior design qualities and drastically transform any wall without changing the existing elements.

Moreover, wallpaper is not only popular for its aesthetic appeal but also for its ability to preserve the durability of your walls. Even better, 3D wallpaper increases the fantasy of depth insight and gives your wall a 3D effect. 3D wallpaper always gives an unrivaled look and transformation to your walls. That said, here is why you should consider using 3D wallpaper over paint.

It is durable

According to research, wallpaper can last five times longer compared to paint. One of the reasons many homeowners prefer wallpaper for interior design is the ability to hold up for many years in high-traffic areas. 3D wallpapers have a lifespan of 10-15years; therefore, the work lasts long after the installation. In contrast, a painted wall is likely to crack or chip over time, especially in high traffic areas, and may need repainting after every few years to keep it looking fresh.

It is easy to apply

Many homeowners fear 3D wallpapers in the assumption that it is too much work to install or remove. But that is not the case with advanced wallpaper technology. 3D wallpaper is easy to install as long as you have the right personnel by your side to bring out the 3D effects.

For instance, paste the wall technology makes the wallpaper easy to apply and remove whenever you need to. Please review the wallpaper specifications before purchase to ensure it is what you want. On the other hand, paint is quite messy to apply, requires a great deal of wall prep, and may take some days for the paint to dry. With wallpaper, there is no downtime.

It covers wall blemishes.

One of the reasons to opt for 3D wallpaper over paint when decorating your space is to cover existing wall blemishes such as cracks, stains, uneven tone, and other imperfections. Such defects will be noticeable with paint, but wallpaper goes ahead to disguise flaws in a less time-consuming installation rather than fixing all those imperfections on the wall.

You can liven up any space with 3D wallpaper.

Although you can use booth paint and wallpaper to liven up any space, 3D wallpaper goes a step further to help you create a vintage or modern style to decorate any home. With wallpaper, you can find endless decor styles to appeal to all generations, from traditional to contemporary styles. Popular types are brick wallpaper, murals, stone walls, fur, faux finishes, etc. But with paint, you are only limited to playing with colors.

The bottom line

3D wallpaper is fashionable and in style and is being recommended by designers with popular features in interior design magazines.

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