3 Great Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Projects

Thinking about making some updates to your house? In addition to making sure your improvements make financial sense, they should also address environmental concerns. Here are three great improvement projects that help you go green in your everyday life at home.

  1. Prevent Energy Loss

If you’re working to make your home eco-friendly, you need to start by installing quality insulation to create a seal around your home. A well-sealed home reduces energy lost through conduction, reducing your need to use extra energy to heat or cool your home. Professional insulation contractors Maryland help you bulk up the insulation in the areas where you need it most, allowing you to live comfortably and save money on your energy bills, too.

  1. Install New Plumbing Fixtures

Another great way to go green at home is to reduce your overall water consumption by installing new bathroom fixtures. Showers and toilets account for the majority of water usage in a house, which is why choosing eco-friendly options for these fixtures is so important. Install a low-flow showerhead to reduce water waste during your bathing routine. In addition, consider swapping out household toilets with pressure-assist models that use less water.

  1. Go Solar

The high upfront costs of switching to solar energy have been a barrier for many homeowners, but the reality is that there’s never been a better time to go solar. There are many government tax breaks and low-interest loans to finance your solar project. Many homeowners actually find that they’re able to completely reduce reliance on energy from fossil fuels. Not only will you be doing a great thing for the environment, but you’ll also lower your utility bills.

Eco-friendly home improvements are good for the environment and for your wallet. Follow these tips and feel confident that you’re making sustainable decisions in your everyday life.


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