Can I do my own home buyers survey?

Homebuyers are advised to get an independent survey carried out to help prevent any nasty surprises in the future. This is usually completed by a qualified surveyor, but an increasing number of people are choosing to also examine their properties themselves.

If you need a professional homebuyers report Kent and other locations are home to suitably qualified surveyors.

Prepare for your survey

If you decide to augment their work with your own survey, make sure this is carried out in good weather and that you have a torch to help you see around the basement or loft space. You should also have a stepladder, a circuit tester and someone to help you in tricky areas.

For a homebuyers report Kent and other locations will tend to focus upon set of categories. You should similarly create a home inspection checklist to help you record the information you amass.

Carrying out your survey

Start inside and check walls for peeling, cracks or bulges. Trace stains to their source and check the ceiling. Assess floor levels in every room and note the material it is made from. Check the sockets and light switches and that doors and windows open and close easily and properly. Verify that locks work and are in good condition.

Check any kitchen appliances which are included in your sale, along with drains, sinks and extractor fans. Note the condition of fittings and fixtures, as well as kitchen cabinets.

Inspect bathrooms for any signs of mildew and damp, look at the grouting and make sure that the toilet is flushing well. Read about the dangers of mildew and damp at

Once you have checked the main rooms, look in the loft and any basement areas. Look for insulation, damage or animal droppings, as well as any signs of water damage.

Checking the electrics is important, starting with the condition and position of wires outside before moving to the interior. If you don’t know what you are doing, always enlist professional help.

Heating systems also need checking, together with any air condition or ventilation and make sure that outside lights are working. Ensure that the circuit breakers are in good condition and properly labelled.

Make sure that you record everything as you go along so that you can analyse the information later.

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