Skylight Pros and Cons

A skylight is essentially a window in your roof and ceiling. It offers a new perspective and increases the atmosphere of your home. However, their effects are not only aesthetic, nor are they unmixedly positive. If you’re thinking about having a skylight installed in your home, here are the possible advantages and disadvantages to consider.

Pros of Installing a Skylight

A strategically placed window in the ceiling can let more sunlight into your home during the winter months. The indirect solar energy helps to warm your home while giving your HVAC unit a break. If the room gets too hot, you can use a skylight blind to control the amount of heat energy from the sun that is getting inside. A skylight also increases the amount of natural light in your home so that you do not need to use as much electricity. It can improve ventilation, which can help regulate temperature and improve indoor air quality.

Cons of Installing a Skylight

For all the potential benefits of a skylight, there are also drawbacks. They can be expensive to install and maintain. While they can offer energy-efficiency benefits, they may also allow drafts, thus causing fluctuations to your energy bill. The extra sunlight may cause the possessions on the inside of your home to fade, although this effect can be counteracted with low-impassivity glass. There is also a possibility that your skylight could leak during times of precipitation. Installing the skylight could compromise your roof’s structural integrity. This, in turn, could affect the premium that you pay for your property insurance.

For all the potential benefits of a skylight, it might not be worthwhile to have one installed. If you have your heart set on it, you may benefit more by looking for a house that has a skylight that is original to the house.

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