3 Ways To Protect Yourself in a Storm

If you live in an area that commonly experiences intense storms or high winds, you are no stranger to environmentally-inflicted property damage. Broken windows, doors, and supportive structures are common after high winds. Here are three ways to protect your home from the potential carnage that a storm could bring.

  1. Protective Glass

Broken glass is one of the most dangerous hazards that can come from an intense storm. Small, sharp shards can cut your skin even when you are being cautious. Impact resistant windows west Palm Beach are great resources to have to avoid broken glass. Not only can high winds break windows, but they can also pick up other objects and slam them into your windows, so impact resistance is important.

  1. Evacuation

To prepare for particularly vicious storms, it is important to have an evacuation plan. Local authorities will usually inform you when you need to evacuate, but it is up to you to find somewhere to go. Make sure everyone in your household knows the full plan so no one is left behind or confused. Keep instructions on a refrigerator or bulletin board to remind everyone.

  1. Be Ready

Meteorologists can predict when and where hurricanes and other storms are going to hit well in advance, so watch the weather to see when you are in danger of a hurricane. When a storm is imminent, bring everything in your home, stay inside in a safe place, and keep your phone charged. Make a storm checklist so you do not forget anything.

Intense storms are no laughing matter. You need to work hard to keep yourself, your family, and your belongings safe. These are only a few of the things you can do to prepare yourself. You know what your specific needs are, so think about what you will need in a disaster situation.


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