3 Important Things to Know before You Buy Barcodes  

Barcodes simplify the identification of your product for many purposes. You use it to shorten the transaction process. The barcode also is useful for inventory purposes. So, applying this unique system to your product will give you many benefits. To get these codes, you can Buy barcodes. However, before you do that, there are several things you have to know.

Determine Whether Your Product Need the Barcodes

The barcode is an identification code that describes your product information. But, you can only use it, when it is impossible or time-consuming to identify each of your products. Therefore, if you still have a low number and types of products that you sell, you don’t need the barcode. You can still use the manual method to determine the product information.

On the other hand, if you have various types of products, the barcode is a must. But, it doesn’t mean that if you have few product types, the barcode isn’t necessary. Even though you have a low number of product types, if each of the types has various data in it, you still need a barcode to save time.

For example, you sell three types of t-shirt with three different pictures or designs. Each type has two colors, such as black and red, your customer can choose. Then, each type also has three sizes available, which are S, M, and L. As you can see, one type has various information you need to put in that product. Based on those specifications, you need at least the 3 design types x 2 colors x 3 sizes, which is 18 barcodes type. If you do that manually, it will cost you more time in the transaction process.

Finding the Best Barcode Supplier for Your Products

Once you know that you need a barcode for your product, visit and buy the barcode from a reliable and trusted supplier. There are many of them you can find on the internet. However, for safety, find the supplier that can provide you the UPC-A and EAN-13 barcodes. Mostly, they are the ones that you can rely on the barcodes for your product.

One more thing you should remember, find a supplier that sells GS1 code. Many suppliers sell the barcode that doesn’t get the GS1 verification. These barcodes are called the air codes, which are difficult to record and identify.

Buy the Barcodes

After you get the best supplier, you can buy the barcode that you need. Choose the quantity of the barcode you want to buy. Make a payment to finish the transaction. They will send the barcode to you through email. You get the barcode in various formats. The standard format will be PNG. However, you also can ask for the file formats that you might need.

Now, you are ready to Buy barcodes. Follow our tips above, and get the best barcode at the best price. After you apply it to your product, we believe you will get better efficiency in your transaction.


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