Objective: find dream home, Destination: Malta

That is correct, Malta’s booming economy and vibrant cultural life is attracting wealthy Europeans and foreigners by the droves, lured by Malta’s beauty, higher wages, and living standards.  As more and more people choose to live in Malta, they need to know more about buying, renting, and investing in real estate in Malta.  This article will serve as a guide to real

Estate Malta

Malta is fast becoming a popular place for people from all over the world to live because of its pleasant Mediterranean climate, its friendly populace who speak English, a peaceful and safe environment with high living standards and low crime, a rich cultural legacy and history, affordable housing, etc…Once people have settled in Malta, they will want to travel and tour the country, either to know more about it, or for entertainment.  They will not be disappointed because they will find vibrant places and cities with rich histories, Valletta is an example.  It is Malta’s capital and has a five hundred year old history, many points of interest, and natural beauty.

People will need to know the process of buying residential property in Malta.  This process is detailed, yet fairly simple.  The cultural habits and legal requirements of the Maltese real estate market are unique, therefore prospective home buyers need to prepare themselves before buying a home in Malta.  First, they need to know the type of home they need for living purposes, and the type of home that fits their lifestyle.  They also need to know if they want to live near or far away from a local village or town – some may choose to live next to a major town because of its proximity to their work, and the vibrant culture and city life it offers.

Prospective buyers need to determine the type of property they want and need to purchase, be it an apartment, a penthouse with one or many bedrooms, a spacious condo, a townhouse, a regular house, or a mansion.  Once they have made that decision, they need to decide how many bathrooms and bedrooms the property they purchase needs to have.  They also need to decide if they would prefer property with a garden, a garage, or a pool because these extras drive up the price of the property.

Buyers need to understand how they will finance the purchase – whether they will take a loan out from a bank, or pay for the property in cash.  If they do decide to borrow the money, they need to decide how much will go towards the down payment.  They need know if the property will need further repairs, and if so, if the repairs can be done by them, or if a repairman is needed.  Buyers also need to understand what their budget is because this will largely influence their buying decisions.

Once these steps are completed, the buyers need to choose a reputed real estate agency whose real estate agents are knowledgeable, professional, and have a good reputation because this is vital if they want to buy their dream home.  The real estate agency and agent can also help them out with the Konvenju.

Malta is a beautiful place, and a great place to live.  People can buy their dream home in Malta which is within budget if they follow the advice in this article, and if they do more research as well!






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