Thailand Beachfront Condos: A Caribbean Lifestyle for Less!

It’s no secret, as any of the millions of tourists to this tropical paradise will tell you, that Thailand is an amazing scenic country.  The beaches are some of the best in the world, the scuba diving is spectacular and attracts divers from every corner of the globe, and if you ever tire of the surf and the sun there is always some of the world’s biggest tropical rainforests and countless centuries of culture for you to enjoy.  All this and a low cost of living makes Thailand beachfront condos a great option, whether for a second home or a place to retire.

A Bit About Thai Property Laws

Thailand, like many foreign countries is strict with many of their property ownership laws.  In fact, it is illegal for any foreign citizen to own more than 49% of the total area of a parcel of land in Thailand.  So, unless you have a very trustworthy person who you could trust with majority ownership of your land, there isn’t any way to own a house or large tract of land.

Luckily, the easy way around this is by owning a condo.  Condos allow you to have direct ownership over your unit, while you fulfill the Thai government’s ban on foreign ownership by having the other tenants occupy the remaining 51%.

Why Thailand?

But why should you own a beachfront Thailand property?  If you’re searching for foreign land ownership, here are just a few reasons why you should consider Thailand.


  • Great Weather and an Environment that Can be Compared to the Mediterranean or Caribbean
  • Stable government: Despite a few notable exception like the Red Shirt protests, the Thai government as a whole is stable. And since the country depends for tourism and foreign investment for a large part of its income, rule of law, and contract and property rights are enforced.
  • Cheap Medical Care: You can get first world medical care for a fraction of the price you would in the West. In fact, medical tourism is one of Thailand’s booming industries.
  • Cheap and Reliable Public Transportation
  • Thousands of Years of Temples, Museums, Culture, and History
  • Friendly, Smiling Locals: It’s not called “The Land of Smiles” for nothing!
  • White sand pristine beaches and crystal-clear azure waters
  • Huge tracts of old-growth jungle with incredibly biodiversity
  • And too many other reasons to list!

Where to Look for Thai Beachfront Condos

With hundreds of island and a long, tropical shoreline, Thailand has a plethora of different options for condos right on the beach.  While you can find a bunch of different options, you best bet is to look for condos in the most developed tourist areas.  Here you’ll find a stronger resale market, more developed infrastructure, and services and people that would be more than ready to help you find your dream condo.  Phuket beachfront condos fulfill all of these requirements and more.  You can find out more information about them by clicking the link.


Beachfront condos in Thailand make great investment properties or retirement homes.  You can find more information at the Thailand Property Guide or on several sites online.

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