3 Areas to Deep Clean in Your Home

Daily light cleaning will get the job done to keep your house looking great most of the year, but once in a while, it’s necessary to pursue some deep cleaning. When you set aside the time to put some elbow grease into your home, consider cleaning these areas.

Floor and Wall Tile

In general, you can keep floor and wall tiles clean with mopping and wiping down regularly in accordance with manufacturer recommendations. Sometimes, the build-up of grime will require some intensive cleaning work. If your floors can tolerate it, a special tile deep-cleaner or diluted bleach solution used with a bristled scrub brush will take care of the buildup. If getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, professional tile & grout cleaning services Knoxville TN may be a good option.

Air Vents

Air vents often collect dust in between the grate slots. Once or twice a year, remove the vents (if possible) and wash under running water or wipe with a damp cloth. Some vents may also tolerate a wash in the dishwasher on gentle cycle, but check with your manufacturer’s cleaning suggestions. When you clean the air vents, it may be a good time to check the ventilation system’s air filters as well to see if they need a change.

Ceiling Fixtures

Ceiling fixtures are prone to collecting bits of dirt and gunk from the air. Fans, lighting fixtures and hanging decor will all benefit from a once-over annually. Carefully remove any detachable components and clean everything with a dusting wand or damp cloth. Glass fixtures may also benefit from a wipe-down with glass cleaner, alcohol or white vinegar.

Deep-cleaning your home may take a bit of a time investment, but the reward of a clean home is priceless. Taking the time to give everything a little more attention will ensure your living space is more pleasant for everyone.


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