3 Things Every Fisherman Needs on Their Dock

The ability to walk out your back door, jump on your boat and go fishing is the goal for many who live by the water. If you are working towards that goal, then you know it requires more than just a dock. Boating is an expensive hobby. There are endless gadgets sold for boats and fishing, so it may be hard to know where to begin. Here are 3 purchases that will pay off and get you started.

Boat Lift

If you have a boat lift installed on your dock, it will give you valuable fishing time. Keeping your boat on a trailer or at a marina may seem easy at first. However, the time spent gathering your equipment, loading it onto the boat and getting to the boat launch definitely adds up. Boat lifts Palm Beach County FL give you the freedom to be spontaneous, which pays off when the fish start running.

Fish Cleaning Table

The fresher a fish is, the better it is going to taste. You will likely want to clean your catch as soon as you get back home, so install a fish cleaning table right on your dock. This will keep the mess and stink out of your kitchen. Hook up a hose near the table to spray it off as needed. You can throw the trimmed pieces right back into the water, which will attract bait.

Bait Bubbler

A bait bubbler is a little bucket with an attached air hose that hangs down into the water. These give you an extremely easy way to keep bait alive in between fishing trips. Don’t run out to the store before every trip. Use a bubbler so that you always have a little tank of bait ready to go. You could even catch your own bait and save them in the bubbler until they are needed.


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