4 Reasons To Be Thankful for a Quartz Countertop

Sometimes a certain home improvement will make your life so much easier you’ll wish you had done it years ago. That’s what happens when you install a quartz countertop. If you’re looking to improve your kitchen and aren’t sure where to start, here are four reasons you’ll be so thankful for a quartz countertop.

  1. You’ll Have a Countertop for Decades

When you choose from durable¬†quartz countertops Pittsburgh PA, you can be confident that you’ll have your counter for decades. Quartz is virtually impossible to scratch, chip or crack. Plus, quartz is heat resistant which you’ll be grateful for when you’re cooking or baking up a storm.

  1. Your Countertop Will Be One-of-a-Kind

Unlike other stone countertops available, quartz comes in a rainbow of colors and shades.¬†Quartz¬†countertops are 95% ground stone, but they also contain 5% polymer resin allowing for many more color choices. You’ll be thankful for all these colors when matching them to your kitchen decor.

  1. You’ll Spend Less Time on Clean-Up

Another huge reason to be appreciative of a quartz countertop is spending less time on kitchen clean-up. You don’t need any special solutions or chemicals to clean quartz, just warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Less time spent cleaning means more time for other things, like spending time with your family.

  1. You’ll Add Value to Your Home

Because of quartz’s durability and strength, you’ll be very grateful you installed it if you ever decide to sell your house. A quartz countertop adds value to your property and interest to potential buyers. When you invest in quartz now, you’ll be investing in the future of your home.

If you’re looking at long-term ways to improve your kitchen, choose a quartz countertop. Since quartz lasts for decades and is so easy to care for, you’ll be thankful for your decision.

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