4 Reasons Your Roof Needs Repair

Your roof is the crown of your house. It’s a huge investment designed to protect your family, property, and your home’s interior from damage and danger. That’s why you want to perform frequent inspections to address issues head-on while they’re still in their early stages and prevent roof replacement. That means you need to know the reasons for roof repairs to take action. In this article, we will discuss four signs that your roof needs repair.

  1. Leaky Roof

A leaky roof can be catastrophic if not addressed on time. The most typical indicators of leakage include standing water and moisture in the attic. You might notice swellings on the wall and paint peeling off from the swells. A leaking roof means there is a crack or a hole in the roof that needs to be fixed. If you take too long to repair these cracks, moisture will make the roof expand and contract based on the temperatures. This will force the material underneath to increase in size and affect the integrity of the entire roof. Moisture can also create a favorable environment for the growth of mold that can be harmful to your health.

  1. Damaged and Missing Shingles

Your roof shields you from rain, snow, storms, and hail which can take a significant toll on your shingles. Always check for damaged or missing shingles and replace them immediately. This is particularly important if you live in areas with extreme weather conditions. Folded edges and broken or loosened shingles indicate the shingles are worn out. Dark shingles indicate the presence of moisture that could potentially damage your roof.

  1. Presence of Daylight and Heat in the Attic

If you see streams of daylight shining through the roof boards when you go to the attic, you need to schedule a roof repair right away. If light can pass through the holes or cracks, the water can get in as well, which can worsen the damage. Apart from lighting, you should also be on the lookout for a very hot attic. If your attic is well-ventilated but feels like an oven during sunny days, consider installing a radiant barrier in your attic ceiling to reflect the sun’s heat out of the attic.

  1. Peeled Paint

If you notice some brown, grey, or green discoloration on your roof, you could be dealing with moisture problems. Moisture can build up with time near your roof line, which forces the paint to peel off. Discoloration of walls next to the roof also signals the need for urgent roof repairs. Once you’ve repaired the roof, don’t forget to repaint it and restore its original appearance.

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