5 Most Affected Areas at Home When Plumbing Issues Happen

Brushing off a tiny pipe leak or a clogged drain and leaving it for tomorrow may cause more problems along the way. When it comes to plumbing problems, things tend to worsen and get ugly fast. The easiest way for you to solve this is by having your trusty local Sydney plumber on your speed dial.

It is also important that you learn to assess plumbing issues so that you can take the appropriate steps and seek help immediately. The amount of attention and urgency typically depends on where the plumbing issue is situated, and therefore the level of expertise needed also depends on this.

Preventing plumbing issues from happening is certainly much better than solving one after said problem blows up into a huge mess. While a professional plumber can answer all your inquiries and solve these issues, preventing these mishaps will save you from a lot of trouble. By spotting the areas in your home susceptible to plumbing issues, you can better respond to these problems early on.

Dripping faucets in your kitchen or bathroom

Dripping faucets take the top spot in plumbing issues at home that usually gets overlooked. You will be hard-pressed to find someone who has not dealt with a dripping faucet or fixture at least once in their life. If ignored, leaky taps can be a huge waste of money since it can rack up your water bill. But if you have the right tools, fixing dripping faucets can be managed by the average homeowner.

Clogged kitchen sink drain

Most plumbing problems typically happen in an area such as the kitchen where we do most of our cooking. Clogged drains are caused usually by a blockage in one of the pipes. This blockage is mostly composed of congealed fat, food scraps, and dish soap residue.

While you can use chemical drain cleaners, using too much of it can damage your pipes. It is best that you seek advice from your licensed plumber.

Leaky pipes

This goes beyond just a minor inconvenience. Overlooking leaky pipes can damage your furniture, floors, and walls. Damp areas also allow bugs and other insects to camp. Depending on where the leak is found or how exposed it is, you might need to call for help from your licensed plumber.

Tools like tape, compounds, and fillers can be a temporary fix, but if you’re looking for a more permanent fix, your plumber can handle the replacement of its parts and other fittings.

Faulty water heater

What probably would cap a bad day off is if you were stepping into your shower, expecting warm water to wash away the fatigue, only for you to get blasted with a cold shower.

For your heater to malfunction, there are multiple causes: pilot light not functioning, sediment build-up or the thermostat failing. For this issue, you might want your professional plumber to take a look and handle it.

Low water pressure in multiple areas

If the water flow in your kitchen sink or bathroom is slow or weak, this can be a sign of a bigger problem. Multiple low water pressure spots usually mean that, in the worst case, there is an active leak in the supply line. Once you notice this, you should call a licensed plumber immediately and have it looked at.

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