5 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

Real estate leads are so odd. More leads mean that you have a higher chance to close the deal. Many real estate agents generate free leads while maintaining the business and professional network. However, there is no guarantee if meeting people can result in an organic lead. In this article, we will show you several ways you can try to generate leads and build your real estate business.

1. Embrace networking

Networking is not the strongest factor you can do to generate many leads. However, it is fun and allows you to focus on connection.

Connections, on the other hand, are a key to build a business that involves people and human interests. On the other hand, you don’t need to limit the events you will attend. Thus, showing up at concerts, social events, or becoming an active person in alumni associations can be a good way to build networking and generate leads.

However, do not expect to generate real estate leads from attending a networking event. Instead, you can ask for their contacts and follow up later.

2. Open house hosting

Potential buyers seem to attend open houses held by a real estate agent. If you are willing to open the property to the public for an amount of time, people will make a home tour without making an appointment in the first place.

Anyone is a potential lead for you, even though your effort should be harder than just putting a sign-in paper.

Engagement is crucial to make leads. Make your potential buyers feel welcome, even though they are just curious about the location instead of the house in particular.

3. Sphere of influence

Sphere of influence or SOI can also be a way to achieve leads.

Your sphere of influence includes family, friends, baristas, and anyone you know. Even though they are not particularly people you will sell a house to, the way you maintain a relationship should be similar to how you keep them in touch.

Thus, don’t be shy to remind your SOI about who you are or what you do. There is no need to be overbearing, but shy won’t do you good at all.

4. Subscribe to a service

Generating leads naturally and organically might sound fun and adventurous. However, you can also subscribe to a service that provides a real estate lead.

By subscribing to their service, you will get a list of names and contact details of sellers and potential buyers. The leads might come to you through text or email, depending on the service you’ve signed up for.

5. Offer an experience

In this case, you put yourself as an expert in front of potential buyers without putting any pressure on them. For instance, you can host a tour in the area with an educational event. A “neighbors-only” title will make people curious and excited at the same time.

This experiential event allows you to meet your potential clients in person. On the other hand, meeting targeted people is a good chance to generate real estate leads.


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