Aluminum Vs. Vinyl: How Do They Compare?

The most important part of the house or a building is its design. They determine the operational characteristics a well as add up to the aesthetics of these buildings. You must develop the place you spend most of your time, where you bring your guests after careful considerations of the options available. If you are considering a renovation of your house or rebuilding it, and looking for some materials for construction for your railings, then this is the correct place for you.

Although many materials are available, aluminum and vinyl are the most popular ones available. But how do you choose out of the two? Some factors might help you consider which one suits you the most. Below are the comparisons between the two types that would help you gain clarity about your decisional aspects.


When you need to choose a material for your railings, you usually choose one that would last for a long time without any hassles of maintenance. All materials require a certain amount of maintenance for sustenance up to their capabilities. However, the intervals and durations vary. It is where the intricate details of the two categories come into the picture. When compared thoroughly, the aluminum railings require almost nil maintenance as they do not undergo stress or crack development during their operations. Whereas the vinyl-based railings often undergo these structural defects which are evident by cracks and warping effects across them.

Usually, vinyl railings are cheaper than the aluminum ones for installations; however, the expenses that follow often end up being much higher than their counterparts. It is because vinyl, in general, is usually structurally weaker than aluminum, and hence comparatively the aluminum railings should be preferred.

Visual Appeal

Whenever you are building any structure, your first requirement might be the strength of the structure, but the current times require much more than that. A seamless built along with an appeal that attracts the eyes is the need of the hour. You wouldn’t want a structure that lasts long but loses its glitter or shine and turns yellow. It is why vinyl railings are usually ignored as they quickly turn yellowish in some time due to the environmental effects. Whereas its counterparts, the aluminum railings stay the same without any visible change for years after installation. The aluminum material is resistant to algae or sunlight growth for and so they are the better choice of the two.

How To Decide Between The Two?

These factors list the most vital ones required to be considered before making up any decision. You may select them on the basis of their visual appeal, but what about maintenance costs? As mentioned above, the aluminum-based alternatives quickly make up to the best available alternative list due to their low maintenance as well as long-term durability facets.

Hence, as far as economic aspects alongside the appearance are considered, aluminum railings stay at the top in comparison to the vinyl counterparts. The decision is yours to make ultimately.

This article was written by Bob Elliot, Bob is the sales/design consultant for Pyramid Aluminum Inc. Pyramid Aluminum Inc is dedicated to providing installation of aluminum in Clearwater, Fl designed with an eye to detail and built for the long-lasting value our clients deserve. We are fully equipped to handle any project in the Tampa Bay area. Residential or commercial, no job is too large or too small!

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