Benefits of Air Sealing Your Home

Air sealing a home simply means minimizing the unwanted airflow within your home by noticing and repairing the leakage holes. Doing this will increase the efficiency of energy in your home to create a much more comfortable space for you to live in. Air sealing can be located anywhere in your house from your basement to the attic. Some of these locations are easy to identify like windows and doors, whereas others can be tough to locate, like air ducts, ceilings, attics, or the walls in a garage.

There are a few important ways in which you can identify if there is air leakage in your house. The most common one is when you notice a shift in temperature between the floors in your residence. Typically, hot air rises in a normal house setting. A well-sealed home holds the heat into its build structure and therefore keeps the temperature in it consistent.

Air leakage may cause a house to lose its efficiency. A draft in your house could cause a spike in your electricity bills as this causes your HVAC system to work overtime and adjust the temperature suitable for your house.

There are many do-it-yourself options for fixing an air leakage in your home, but for extensive air sealing jobs such as wall sealing, insulation work, or ductwork, it is recommended that you hire professional services. Doing so could save you costs on materials, professional equipment, and time.

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