Benefits of Having a Well Drilled

Around 45 million people (or 15% of the population) in the U.S. use a private well for water. While these were used only for homes in rural areas municipal services could not reach in the past, today, more homeowners than ever are considering this as a viable option for their water needs.

If you consider having a well drilled, you know it is a good idea to invest in water testing Fort Myers Florida, first. However, beyond having the necessary work done, it may also be beneficial to learn about some of the benefits offered.

You Aren’t Dependent on Municipal Water Sources

City water is often unreliable. This is especially the case as the infrastructure used gets older and begins to deteriorate. If a water main breaks, it can take days or longer to be fixed. This means you are left relying on bottled water for everything.

Another issue is contamination, which occurs when the mainline breaks or a chemical spill or issue at the water treatment plant. With a well, you don’t have any of these concerns.

Better Tasting Water

Have you ever tried to drink tap water only to notice that it tastes or smells a bit like chlorine or that it has a “chemical” taste? To ensure water is safe for consumption, it is treated using chemicals and salts, which remove impurities and bacterial. Unfortunately, this also impacts the odor and taste. Well water is pulled directly through the earth, which provides it with a purer and cleaner taste.

If you have considered having a well drilled, now may be a good time to do so. As you can see from the information above, a well offers all the benefits mentioned, among others. This will provide you with an ongoing source of fresh drinking water and help you avoid problems that are seen with municipal water suppliers.



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