Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Your backyard should be your own personal oasis. Keeping your yard and the exterior of your home tidy and beautiful will not only boost your home’s curb appeal, but it will also let you enjoy your home in its entirety. Here are three things to keep in mind as your prepare your outdoor space for fun with family and friends.

Design With Weather in Mind

When designing your dream house or yard, it’s crucial to take your regional climate and weather patterns into account. Planning for landscaping in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is very different from planning for landscaping South Windsor CT. For example, if you live somewhere that experiences hurricanes regularly, having trees with strong, deep root systems would put you at a lower risk of losing trees in huge storms.

You’ll also want to consider using sturdy, regionally appropriate building materials for outdoor features and your home’s exterior. Make sure you’re prepared for every season. If you experience hot summers, for example, you’ll thank yourself later for making sure you have shade in the form of trees or a beautiful pergola.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Maintaining your home’s outer appearance is about more than just looks. It’s important to keep your home’s exterior clean and your landscaping well-groomed. Unattended vines and ivy can embed themselves underneath siding or act as ladders for pests to get into your gutters, chimney or exterior walls. Depending on the materials used, periodic exterior power washing can benefit the overall look and charm of your home as well. Make sure that you don’t let the upkeep of your home’s exterior lapse so you don’t run into bigger problems later on.

Add Personality

Landscape choices can help add character to your home. Instead of putting up new siding to add color, try beautiful window boxes full of vibrant flowers or paint your shutters a bright new hue. Add plants, shrubbery and other features that complement the architectural style of your home. Good landscaping proves that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice beauty and charm in order to have the functionality you need.


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