Fabric Choices that are Natural

There is a staggering amount of fabrics, be they natural or man-made. When choosing fabric for clothes or making curtains for décor, it can be difficult to know what to go for.  If you are making curtains for your Double Glazing Cheltenham windows that you sourced from companies like firmfix.co.uk then it really is important what material to choose although the glazing will hold out the cold for you.  –   Different fabrics are manufactured from raw-materials found in nature or artificially created by man or indeed, a mixture of both.  Natural fabrics are found in animal coats, taken from plants or silkworm, for example. Natural fibres are commonly used due to its breathability and softness, being ideal for those with sensitive skin. Here are some examples of natural fabric:

Cotton – Cotton is said to be the most comfortable and forgiving fabric. It is used in clothing, bedding and underwear – such is its softness and kindness to skin. Cotton has a unique ability to adjust to different climates and is known as an all-season fabric. During the summer, cotton cools and absorbs sweat whereas in the winter, it offers warmth when worn in layers.

Linen –  Linen is used for making garments and home furnishings as its safe for all skin types and doesn’t cause allergies. Linen is naturally strong and requires no special processing, being simply washed by hand. It is the perfect fabric choice for anybody suffering from skin conditions.

Silk – Silk is the strongest natural fabric in the world but is also soft, with a luxurious sheen. Like cotton, it has the ability to keep you cool in hot weather but doesn’t absorb as well. Silk was discovered many thousands of years ago in china and now comes in varieties including Chiffon, Organza, Crepe de Chine and Noil. Silk is the preferred choice for luxury décor and clothing items.

Wool – Known for its warmth, wool is also highly resistant and does not crease. It is flame resistant and also great for absorbing sound when used in manufacturing, such as machinery and speakers. Wool has been used by humans for many thousands of years and can come from sheep or goats. Wool also benefits from being light weight, durable and absorbent

Leather – This is a great all-rounder and is a material that isn’t affected by changes in temperature. It’s comfortable to wear but firm at the same time and has the ability to absorb water and won’t lose its shape when stretched.

Jute – You’ll often see this material being used for shopping bags and sacks, thanks to its strength and long-lasting qualities. It can also be found in home furnishings and various fashion accessories. Most jute comes from Bangladesh and India. Jute is predominantly used for making carpets, twine and linoleum. Due to its strength, it is also used in vehicle seating and luggage.

Hemp – A lightweight fabric, hemp is often found in shoes, clothing and accessories. Its qualities include warmth, strength and durability. Hemp is useful in clothing because it can withstand harsh conditions and also keeps wearers cool in hot weather. The best hemp material is produced in Italy and you’ll find it being used in curtains, bedding, canvas and upholstery too.


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