Guide to Choose and Buy Synthetic Foliage Wall for Your House

Follaje sintetico or synthetic foliage has so many benefits for a plant decoration for a room or house. It looks fresh and beautiful for a longer time than a living plant. It also doesn’t require similar complicated maintenance like a living plant. Moreover, it is much cheaper than living plant decoration for the room.

With so many benefits, this plant is the best choice for your room decoration. One of the best types of synthetic foliage is the foliage wall type. Here, we are going to show you what you should do and consider when you decide to buy artificial foliage for decorating your room wall.

Where You Are Going to Install It

Before you choose the artificial plant product, make sure you know where you are going to install it. If you plan to put it as the interior decoration, you can choose the product that is made of silk. This material is the best choice because it is very similar to living plants. Moreover, it also can stay fresh and beautiful years after the installation.

However, if you plan to install the artificial foliage wall on the outside, silk material is not a good choice. This material color can get faded because of the sunlight and weather. Therefore, you should choose another material, like vinyl or plastic. Moreover, make sure you also choose the artificial plant wall that has a UV protection feature. This feature protects its color from fading out because of the sunlight and weather.

Type and Design of Artificial Green Wall

You also need to consider the type of green wall you want to use. Some artificial green walls are available with different types and sizes of leaves. It creates different looks when you put and combine it with your room’s interior design. Other than the shape and size of the leaves, it also has a different color. So, it is not only green. If you want to create an autumn-style room, you also can find the artificial foliage wall with the autumn leaves color.

On the other hand, some of them also have a flower with a different color. It creates a unique touch of contrast on your room wall. You can even use it as your room focal point. The flower also has various types. If you want to add meaning to your room, choose the flower with the correct flower language meaning.

Try It First

It might be difficult to try it directly on your wall. However, many providers of artificial foliage have a simulator or online tool you can use. Use it to find out what it will look like after you install it in a room. It seems simple, but it helps you decide which product you can buy.


In short, you should plan everything before you buy artificial plants. Ask your interior designer to know which type of green wall matches your room design. Then, you only need to find the best provider of follaje sintetico and buy it from them.

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