How Much Does It Cost to Get an EPC in London?

Acquiring EPC will help you a lot with your house selling or renting business. The EPC will become proof that your building has good energy efficiency. Moreover, you have to do this to follow the law in the UK. Now, if you plan to get your first EPC, you might have a question about one thing. How much does it cost? Here, we have the information that will help you to understand more about EPC Certificate cost London.

The Cost to Get EPC in London

The average budget you should prepare to get EPC inspection and certification is around £60 to £120. Depending on several factors, the price could be expensive or cheap. The EPC fee mostly is affected by your property’s size, location, as well as a building type.

A big-sized property mostly uses more energy than the small one. Therefore, the cost of the energy efficiency measures is different. In short, you may have to pay more for a big-sized property. The location is also essential. Some city has lower energy bills than others. For that reason, the EPC cost in the London area is much higher than the building in the suburban area or small cities.

Lastly, the type of your building is also another factor that affects the EPC cost. A small house that you use for business that has high energy consumption will cost you more than bigger residential property. So, you also should consider this factor before you prepare the budget.

However, by looking at the average budget we mentioned earlier, you could say that it is not that expensive, right? You won’t have any problem preparing the EPC Certificate cost London or other big cities in the UK. Make sure you also prepare your house before the inspector’s visit. It helps them to do their job easier and finish the inspection faster. Then, you also get the certificate, earlier.

Things to Remember

We recommend you do all the EPC requests and applications directly. Do not use any third party to get the EPC inspection. Many people still use their real estate agents to do this. In the end, they have to pay more than they should be.

Nowadays, you can find many reliable websites that help you to get the service. It only takes several minutes to fill their online form to find a local and qualified energy assessor. Through those online services, you can get the best and affordable EPC service that you need.

Furthermore, you may have to prepare more budgets when you get a lower EPC rating. A building with a rating below E needs a serious improvement to its energy efficiency. And, you may have to pay the professional to do that for you because it is quite a complicated project to finish yourself.


As you can see, EPC is not expensive. So, you don’t have to hesitate. Get your building and house inspected. Then, you can use it to improve your building value in case you want to sell or rent it out. That is everything about EPC Certificate cost London.


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