How to Make Your Online Property Listing Stand Out from the Crowd

We live in the twenty first century in the year of 2019 – which means that pretty much everything we do revolves around technology to a certain extent. Think about it, we read the news on our smartphones, communicate with friends and family via social media, and at times even conduct business solely on the internet nowadays. When you think about it like that, it’s no wonder that the world of real estate followed suit, and that the vast majority of people claim that if they were looking to buy a property, the first thing they’d do would be to browse the online listings. This is why it’s so important to have your property listing stand out from the others in order to sell your home quickly, and here’s exactly how to do that.

Accurate Information

The biggest aim on sellers lists is of course, to “sell my house fast for market value”. In order to do this successfully in your online listing, the first thing you should include is accurate information about the logistics of the house. It doesn’t have to be descriptive – remember you’re not writing a novel. At this point all you’re doing is simply introducing the facts and figures.

For example, you’ll want to state how many bedrooms the property has, as well as how many bathrooms. It’s also important to list things like parking facilities, the type and number of gardens, and whether or not the house has a driveway. You’ll also want to include the address in full, the square footage, and above all your asking price. The more you can condense and vacuum pack this information, the better, because if people can get it all in one go they’ll feel more satisfied. Efficiency is key.

Superb Photographs

Think of yourself as you’re scrolling through social media. What is it that makes you click on a post – is it the barrage of writing, or the attractive photograph accompanying it? We’d put money on your answer being the photograph, which is why it’s so important to get your property photos right for your listing.

Think of these pictures as the profile picture of your house’s online dating profile – if people don’t like them at first glance, they’re going to scroll on past (harsh, but true). This is the first real impression you’re giving potential buyers of what you could be selling them, so make it count! If there’s anywhere that first impressions really are important, it’s on the property market.

Before you even think of taking the pictures, dress and light your house accordingly – the last thing you want are dark pictures. If you can, taking the pictures when the natural light is at its brightest is likely to get you the best results.

When we say “dress” your house, what we really mean is set up the functionality of every room. Set the dining table, ruffle the fresh duvet covers, plump up your sofa cushions, put out clean towels in the bathroom and have some fresh fruit on display on your kitchen countertop. Remember that as well as selling a property, you’re selling an ideology – the idea of home and comfortable living – so do just that. the more appealing and liveable your house looks; the more people are going to be interested.

If you’re not photography savvy or don’t have a great camera, then don’t worry. The vast majority of estate agents will offer a package where you can have a photographer sent out to take the images for you. The dressing of the house is still down to you, but this helps to take some of the pressure off at least.

Eye Catching Title

It’s really important to have an eye catching title in your listing – if everyone put “___ bedroomed house for sale”, then nothing would stand out at all.

A good title should aim to have these three things. It should indicate the value, grab attention and give a visual with something unique about the property. A good example would be something like

“Idyllic Cottage in the Hills” or something to that effect.

Use Flourishing Words in Your Description

Last of all, but not at all least, when it comes to your longer description, flourish your words.

Highlight features and benefits, and set the scene of the perfect home. Highlight the good points, and if there are any improvements that need to be made then make positive of those too. This is your chance to really SELL the property verbally without meeting the buyers, so make the most of it. This is where you can put your novelistic skills to the test.

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