Italian Luxurious Properties

Italian-style properties are pretty hard to define because Italian architecture varies widely. But there is no need to argue that Italian has great taste literally on everything. It’s like Italian can touch anything and turn them into something luxurious.

Italian luxury properties are about villas, castles, wineries, and vineyards. It involves ultra-wide yards. Some combine castles with vineyards. While others combine villas and lakes, like the famous Lake Como.

The combo is limitless, but the basics remain. Italian style is always about fusing traditional and modern styles. Therefore, establishing an unlimited and hard-to-define style. Always interesting.

Italian exterior

Let’s start with color. The color is much more diverse than you might think. In Renaissance period villas, the wall colors are mainly white, pale peach, and sandstone in pale and gold hues. With painted doors, windows, and arches in the complementary colors of the wall.

In the Baroque time, the colors are cream, pale yellow, gold, and golden yellow. Meanwhile, in the Neoclassical era, white, cream, and pale brown are dominating the exterior colors. This style blends arch and rectangular shapes with different styles on each floor.

Neo-Renaissance style is pretty similar to Neo-Classical ones, with a darker and warmer color than any other styles. See, this is why Italian style is hard to define which makes it boredom-proof. It gives you an unlimited choice.

Italian villas are made of artistic stones, limestones, travertine, marble, terracotta, and big wood pillars. And don’t forget the arch.

Italian interior

On the inside, most Italian luxury properties are high-ceiling and open-spaced. It provides a liberated and spacious feeling (and it is big, by the way).

Everything on the inside is luxurious. Fine crafts of the chandelier, walls feature ornate trim, painted murals, and marbled flooring. They spell luxury, even back in the days.

They win big time when it comes to elegance. Some houses are decorated with glossy wood flooring, instead of marble. And that my friend is not cost-friendly when it comes to maintenance.

Another thing is their gilt trim. Oh, did I forget to mention? They’re in gold! Gilt trim is persisting even in modern style Italian homes. They are often found in furniture and porcelain. How awesome is that? Even the interior is full of fine-craftsmanship.

Italian luxury properties

When it comes to property, the first thing is the scale. Italy style luxury involves an extreme land area. Some even come with a carefully designed garden or vineyard.

When you type Italian properties, the first thing that will pop up is villas. Because it is indeed popular. Whether it’s the historical villa or modern villa. Either way, both are very elegant.

Another thing that will show up is castles. Italy has a long history of architecture and is highly influenced by different cultures. And they continually evolve, setting the new world’s trend yet containing their original style. The Italian style is so diverse that the classic ones are gaining popularity as the historical symbolism. Classic castles are evidence of the great taste Italian possesses.

Now you want to live inside these luxurious Italian properties. But modern or classic? Or maybe the mix of both? You can’t decide? Find out more on for your next Italian luxury residence.


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