Living in Michigan And Its Perks

Michigan was first admitted to the Union on January 26th, 1837. Its capital city is Lansing. AS of 2013, the population of the state is about 9,895,622. It is especially known for it being the state where Detroit is located in. Michigan’s area codes include 989, 810, 734, 906, 231, 810, 517, 269, 248 and 947. The largest cities in the state are Detroit, Grand Rapids, Flint, Livonia, Westland, Dearborn, Sterling Heights, Lansing and Ann Arbor.

Michigan consists of two different chunks of land in the Midwest that border the Great Lakes. The eastern chunk borders Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. The western chunk borders Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake St. Claire and Lake Erie. The southern border of the eastern chunk of the state borders Wisconsin. The southern border of the western chunk of Michigan borders Indiana and Ohio. North of Michigan is Canada; Michigan is on the most northern part of the United States.

Michigan is one of many states that has a temperate climate with seasons. The weather tends to be warmer in the southern part of the state than in the northern part of the state. The average temperature in January is about 23 degrees, while the average temperature in July is about 72 degrees.

Jackson is the kind of place where, surprisingly, you can find spacious homes that are under $100,000.00. This is completely unheard of in some parts of the country. You would never be able to find a home that cheap in the New York Metropolitan region. Jackson is a place where people can find homes and live with dignity. However, if you are planning to move to a place like Jackson, you have to consider that everyplace has its issues, and there may be reasons why some places are cheaper than others. However, in the case of many places like Jackson, it may just be because of the fact that they aren’t as hyped up and full of people.

Of course, not every home in Jackson is under $100,000.00. In fact, there are homes in many different price ranges. There are even some homes in Jackson that are in the millions. However, Jackson gives people the right variety of choices when it comes to homes of different prices. There is no doubt that you would be able to find manufactured homes in Jackson, MI that you would like—at good prices, of course.

The state of MI is known for its car production. However, throughout the late 20th century, a lot of people lost their jobs and economic conditions with the closing of various plants. The state is also known for Detroit—a city that is now known for its poverty and big, grand building that are deteriorating. The state has about 11,000 inland lakes, as well as about 36,000 miles of streams. Michigan is second to Alaska when it comes to having the most shoreline. Over the course of history, four different countries have had control over Michigan: Spanish, French, English and United States.

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