Old Home Ownership 101

Owning an old home is full of joys, but also contradictions and complications. The history is what you love about it, but updating an old house for modern life without sacrificing that old home charm is something of a balancing act, to say the least. Here are a few examples of how inconsistencies cause complications in old homes.

Architectural Features

Many architectural features of old homes are hard to replace because they are no longer common. Replacing an old doorbell can lead to a waterfall effect where you end up rewiring your entire house because it’s no longer up to modern wiring code. Changing a single pane of glass can lead to you realizing you need custom-made wood windows on every floor. These unique features are central to your old home’s charm, but they’re also a source of stress and headaches


Furnishing an old home isn’t easy either. Modern furniture won’t look right in a midcentury modern home, much less a home that’s a hundred years old or older. Size may also be a constraining factor. Older homes tend to have smaller rooms and smaller staircases, which can make it hard to get your king-sized mattress in the door, much less up the stairs to the bedroom.


A really old home may even incorporate several different eras and styles of design. As families moved in and moved on, new owners made additions and adjustments to suit the design sensibilities of the time. Embracing this contrast of old and new is essential to creating harmonious design schemes in an older home.

An old home is a delight and a blessing, but it takes special care and consideration. Try to stay true to the heritage of your home, but embrace the fact that inconsistency and complication are part of your life now.


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