Sustainable of Remodeling a Kitchen

Today, more people are acknowledging the idea of sustainable living. In other words, you take into account not only your current needs but also plan for future generations that will come after you. That is why most homeowners today prefer to use recycled materials when remodeling or to build new homes. When it comes to materials used in kitchen remodeling, cabinets are usually made using certain types of wood. Unfortunately, the demand for hardwood has led to deforestation worldwide, with many species of trees becoming endangered due to uncontrolled logging activities. A lot of lumber taken from forests is processed into plywood and particleboard, widely found in cabinets today.

If you want to maintain the value of your property while enjoying eco-friendly cabinets, you should consider using recycled wood to make your kitchen cabinets. You can also use reused bricks and other building materials to construct eco-friendly kitchen countertops.

Materials Used in Making Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cabinets

One of the most popular materials for making eco-friendly kitchen cabinets is hardwood plywood. However, you have to be sure that you are dealing with a reputable supplier to ensure that your cabinet will last for many years. Certified woods are being used by some companies today when making recycled wood cabinets. You have to watch out for companies trying to pass off lesser quality woods as certified ones. If they do not have certification papers, ask them why they don’t use recycled materials when making cabinets even if their product is eco-friendly and has good reviews from previous customers.

While it is true that solid wood cabinets cost more than those made using engineered wood (plywood), this type of material does not peel or warp over time. Moreover, solid wood cabinets also look more elegant and attractive, a plus factor for many homeowners.


Kitchen countertops can also be made using recycled materials such as natural stone or glass. On the other hand, you can mix and match different tiles or stones to make a unique kitchen countertop that looks stunning but inexpensive. Your kitchen will stand out from others because it has an eco-friendly touch without compromising functionality and style.

Reclaimed wood from old barns, factories, and old homes is the most common material used by modern cabinet makers when making new cabinets. Before they can be used to make cabinets or flooring, these reclaimed woods have to be processed first so that it does not appear the same as the original wooden of the material before it was removed from its original place. For example, a factory owner might decide to sell off his factory’s wooden flooring during a time of problems. The original color of the floor would have a factory logo printed on it. Still, cabinet makers will sand it down and apply a new color before using the material as kitchen cabinets.

Reclaimed Wood Vs Engineered Wood

The only downside of using reclaimed wood to make cabinets is that it is more expensive than those made from non-certified wood. On the other hand, reclaimed materials tend to retain their original structure, which means they can be used longer than engineered woods. In other words, you don’t have to worry about your cabinets looking old even if they are made from reclaimed wood. However, it would be best to remember that no matter how much effort you put into taking care of your cabinets, these items will not last forever, especially when used for heavy-duty purposes.

With all these options available for cabinet makers today, it is easy to find eco-friendly ones which are more durable than before. You have to look around or search online so that you can find the most suitable brands for your home.

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