Tips for Creating Your Dream Landscape

Your landscape can increase your curb appeal and property value or it can make your home unattractive. Therefore, it is vital that you spend some time creating an attractive, functional landscape. These are a few tips for creating your dream landscape.

Design for the Whole Year

Many people focus on the summer months when they design their landscapes. They consider the flower gardens and beautiful deciduous trees that will burst into color in the fall and shade their home through the hot spring and summer months. However, your landscape should be attractive all year long. Evergreens and pines offer deep green foliage throughout the year. They can also provide valuable windbreaks and shade.

Don’t Forget Stonework

Your landscape elements should be connected in some way. Therefore, your dream landscape may include paths and patios for entertaining or relaxation. You may also want to build walls or raised garden beds. Adding residential stonework Memphis TN to your landscape gives it an extra dimension of interest. Natural stones are strong and many have interesting veining or characteristics that draw the eye. Stonework can also create great focal points.

Add Features or Focal Points

If you have a small lawn, consider only adding one or two focal points, but if your lawn is large or you have acreage, you may add focal points in different zones or areas of your property. The general rule of thumb is to use no more than three features in any one area of your landscape or it looks too busy and loses its relaxation appeal. Focal points can include natural rock formations, statues, water or fire features and attractive structures, such as gazebos.

Include Seating

Most people seek outdoor entertainment areas. Yes, patios and decks are great for entertainment. However, don’t forget to place outdoor seating in other areas of your landscape, such as by one of your focal points and under large shade trees. Give yourself and your family different areas to relax and enjoy.

As you put each of these elements together, consider working with a landscape designer to determine any other features or elements your lawn needs to be the sanctuary you desire.

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