Tips to Sell Your House without the Help from Realtor

What would you do, if you planned to sell your house? The normal way is to find a real estate agency and tell them to help you sell your house. Of course, you need to prepare enough budgets to pay for the commission for this realtor service. So, can I sell a home without a realtor? That way we can save more money. The answer is yes. Here is what you need to prepare before you offer your house without help from a professional.

Set the Price for Your House

The first thing you should do is set the right selling price for your house. It would be difficult because you have no proper knowledge and understanding about this matter. You can solve it by using various resources on the internet.

Find a real estate listing that has a similar condition to your house. Try to find the average market price as well for your house types. Then, you can set the price according to that information. To be safe, set the price a bit higher than the average. That way you can avoid being scammed when you sell it later.

Advertise Your House

You can’t use the traditional method to advertise your house anymore. So, putting the “For Sale” plaque in front of your house won’t work. Instead, use the internet to let people know that you sell your house. As we all know, today’s people use the internet a lot. It is a part of our life.

To advertise your house, you can use social media. You sell a home without a realtor here. So, you can’t use their network to find a buyer. Of course, if you want to get a better result and buyer, you can put your house in the online real estate listing. You have to pay for this service, though. Mostly, they charge you around $100 a year. The benefit is you can get the buyer much faster this way.

Write Detailed Information about Your House

Make sure you put all the information that your buyer needs to know about the property they are going to buy. Do not leave anything behind. Otherwise, when they decide to visit and inspect the house condition, then find something you didn’t put in the description, they could turn away. So, make sure you create the best house description.


At this point, you are practically ready to sell your house without help from a realtor. You have to be patient to wait for the buyer. Of course, there is another method that can help you to sell it fast. It is using the property transaction coordinator. They are not realtors. Their service helps you with the complex process of selling a property.

Best of all, they don’t charge a high commission. You can save more money and time with their help. Now, prepare the documents for the transaction. Then, use the methods we mentioned above. Guaranteed, you can sell a home without a realtor and get the best price.

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