Why Won’t My Bathtub Hold Water?

There is nothing more relaxing at the end of a hard day of work than slipping into a nice, hot bubble bath. Maybe you light some candles and put on some music or your favourite podcast, and you just let the stress of the day melt away. However, there is nothing that ruins this perfect tranquility more than the water quickly slipping down the drain and ruining your relaxation prematurely.

If your bathtub is draining water when you’re trying to relax, you can try some of these tips to help it hold water.

Locate The Source Of The Issue

If your bathtub is having a hard time holding water, then the likely source of the problem is your bathtub’s drain stopper. The good thing is, this is a relatively easy fix that can usually be done up in 30-40 minutes on your own. The first thing you will want to do to find the source of the drainage is to remove the metal plate that covers the stopper.

Reveal The Tub’s Linkage

Next, you will want to reveal the linkage, which will move the bathtub stopper up and down. Make sure that this piece is properly connected and functioning as it should by pulling the lever straight up until the linkage is fully revealed.

Reconnect Lost Connections

If your linkage is disconnected, you can use a magnet to lure the loose end out of the drain and then reconnect the plug and spring so that the linkage can work properly again.

Untangle Anything Tangled

If your linkage is twisted, knotted or tangled, you will want to make sure it is straightened out. This way you can properly make sure the linkage is the correct length and is functioning well again.

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