Keep These 8 Things in Mind before Selling Your Property

Selling your property can be difficult business. Imagine having to go through it alone, without anyone telling you what you need to make sure of beforehand. It would make the task of putting your home up for sale even more complicated than it currently is. That’s why you need to keep a list of things in mind before you sell your property.

1.     Understand the Market- Find a Realistic Price

One of the most important parts of getting your property on the market is knowing what the current market prices are for properties similar to yours. Setting a price that is too unrealistically high will take away any potential buyers. Just like you did a market analysis before buying the home you have, other buyers will do the same when looking at yours.

People are often wary of putting up a price that seems too low. However, the trick is that the lower prices will attract more buyers. If so many people are interested in your property, the price can be bid up. If anyone offers a price that is too low for you, you can turn them down.

2.     Find a Good Realtor

It’s important to find a good agent that will help speed up the process for you and make life a whole lot easier. Even though they often ask for a heavy price, the time and energy they save you can often be worth it. If you’re a new seller with zero experience, you’re likely to make mistakes that a realtor will help you avoid.

A good agent will help you find a decent, competitive selling price. They’ll also be there to help you negotiate with buyers and figure out which buyers are actually serious. You’ll learn that some people take interviews when looking for proficient real estate agents in Myrtle Beach. This will help you figure out what the agent’s intentions are. Do they put your interests and preferences first, or are they just in it for the money they’ll get at the end?

3.     Get Your Paperwork Together

Buyers are going to ask you questions about your home. They’re making a huge investment, so they have a right to know more about the property they’re interested in. Having your paperwork ready at time like this is important to answer their questions.

Organize and assemble all the documents you have related to your property. Papers like the deed, mortgage satisfaction letter, copies of rental contracts, bills for utilities and taxes are all going to be checked before anyone decides to purchase your property.

4.     Take Great Photos

There are so many great real estate properties for sale in Myrtle Beach. How do you make yours stand out? With the majority of buyers going through potential properties online before moving further, you need to make yours noticeable.

So many homes that are great in real life lose out on a good buyer because of the impression they have online. Take clear, colorful pictures during the day. Use as much natural lighting as you can manage. Opt for a wide-angle lens that’ll give buyers a better idea of what the rooms actually look and feel like.

To add a little bit of an extra measure with your property, consider doing a 360 degree view tour of all the rooms.

5.     Start Packing Up

Organize all your stuff. When buyers come to look through your house, they’re going to want to see the open space and imagine themselves living in that space. If your house is cluttered and messy from the impending packing and moving, it will be a major turn off for buyers.

Start moving furniture out of your house. Anything that makes your house look clammy and cramped, clear it out and make it less visible. This will help you with your packing process too, because you’ll start putting everything into boxes. When it’s time to move, you’ll already have everything ready.

6.     Start the Repairs- Don’t Hide Any Problems

Don’t try to get away with hiding any major flaws in your property. Even if you manage to do so, the buyer will bring people in for inspection who will eventually find out if there are any repairs that you should have done. You can either try to repair the problems before putting the property on sale, or list the problems and offer the buyer credit to fix the problem once they’ve finalized the sale.

Call in people for inspection yourself. They’ll tell you if there are any repairs that you might have missed out on. You can get in touch with any skilled realtors in Myrtle Beach and they’ll tell you that hiding problems can get you into huge money-related problems if the buyer discovers them on their own.

7.     Clean! Stage Your Home Well

You have to be prepared for the sale. This includes being prepared to have buyers come and check each room of your house and walk through all the floors. If your house is unkempt and unwelcoming to look at even in the first impression of it, nobody is going to go through with the sale.

You have to stage your home to appear as homely and livable as possible. Have a friend go through the house and tell you what needs to be cleaned up on an urgent basis. Consider repainting the exterior and making sure there aren’t any weird odors around the house.

8.     Remove Any Emotions Attached

When you’ve made the decision to be selling your home, you have to let go of the attachments you have. Seeing the house as yours, as opposed to a property that you are trying to sell will only make it harder to negotiate with buyers.

Once you’ve gone through with the sale, celebrate the fact that you’re on to a new phase of your life.

Final Thoughts

It’s always better to go into the process of selling your home knowing that risks are involved. Your property may not sell for months, or you may end up having to pay mortgages or renting your home out. You may end up not getting as much for the house as you expected, but that’s a part of selling any property. Having a skilled professional can help you navigate through these situations.

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Briggs Dickerson works as a broker-in-charge with Sands Realty Group, Inc. – a prominent REALTOR in Myrtle Beach who helps you find the best properties for sale in Conway, Myrtle Beach, Litchfield & other areas of South Carolina. He graduated from the University of South Carolina in 1998 with a finance and marketing degree. His work experience includes managing a Myrtle Beach landmark for the past 17 years, Peaches Corner. He also has had his General Brokerage license since 1999.

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